Cardboard exclusively made with bleached chemical pulp (SBB / SBS)

The wood gets debarked and chopped, then the little pieces are boiled at high temperature with chemicals to dissolve the lignin and isolate the cellulose fibers.
The final result is a pulp exclusively composed of bleached fibers, which provides cardboard with excellent mechanical and printability characteristics.
These materials are durable over time and get less yellow, as they contain no lignin.

They are used in high-end cosmetics, in tobacco, in graphics and in publishing, where the high white point is highly appreciated.

Pure white cellulose board (UUK​ / SUS)

This cardboard is obtained from a layer of non-bleached chemical dough to which several layers of bleached chemical pulp and one or more layers of coating are overlap.
The back of this card is generally of a Havana color.
This material is suitable for a packaging that requires high tear strength, excellent stiffness and resistance to moisture. It is therefore widely used in the liquid packaging, multipack and cluster sectors.