Altospessori-High thickness cardboards

Altospessore- High thickness cardboard

The high-thickness cardboard is obtained by overlaying a central layer of wood pulp or semi-chemical with one or more layers of bleached chemical pulp.
The wood pulp is obtained by mechanical shredding only and forms the basis for the formation of cardboard. Cheap to produce, it is yellowish in color and gives the right thickness to the sheet.

The semi-chemical, instead, is produced by fragmenting the wood into chips and then cooking it with chemical components. Through this refining, the cellulose fibers are partially extracted from the lignin, forming a layer that gives good mechanical and printability characteristics.

The bleached chemical pulp, which has excellent technical characteristics, is obtained by further refining the raw material and completely eliminating the lignin.
The cover is finally covered with several layers of patina while the back determines two different types: if slightly coated or white, it is GC1, if straw it is GC2.
This cardboard stands out for its excellent thickness / weight ratio (hand or V.S.A) which makes it possible to work on grammage, while retaining the characteristics of material stiffness.

Its use is particularly indicated in the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, food, graphic and editorial sectors.