Fields of use


PAC Service has a range of specific cardboards for food contact, subject to applicable laws.
These products comply with the EC Reg. 1935/2004 regarding materials intended to come into contact with food products and with the EC Regulation 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practices.
They also comply with one or more of the following standards: Italian decree DM 21/03/73, German law LFBG and BfR / 2009, American FDA / 2009 regulations, Chinese GB 9685-2016 regulations, GB 4806.8-2016, GB 4806.1-2016 etc.

The cardboards suitable for food contact can be used for very different types of packaging; it is therefore the responsibility of the customer to request the appropriate product according to the final use and the destination country.
PAC Service is available to find the right solutions for every need. When ordering, it is therefore appropriate to specify the use (type of food to be packaged, storage conditions, type of contact, etc.) and any country of export.

Pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical

The packaging of pharmaceutical products must guarantee content protection; rigidity and thickness are therefore indispensable requisites.
Normally, GC2 high-thickness cardboards with a good smoothing of cover and qualitatively stable are the most used. This last feature ensures constancy between different productions and standardization during the automatic packaging phase.
In order to increase the perceived value of the case in the parapharmaceutical field, we tend to increase the quality of the support through the use of GC1 or SBS.

Graphic sector

This category of products has excellent qualities of brightness and smoothness of the surface which, combined with the high point of white, allow excellent printing results (reception of colors-color rendering).
They are particularly suitable for all those productions such as book covers, postcards, brochures, window signs, high-quality and general packaging and those products that require a very high quality support standard. In most cases these cards are guaranteed for back printing.

Generic packaging

The production of a packaging able to combine affordability and good final result which includes a wide range of applications and sectors.
To effectively serve this market, PAC Service provides RDM Group recycled products, available in a wide range of types and grammages.