Folding boxboard

Recycled board

Solid board


pack alimentare

The paperboard is suitable for food use. The food-safety certificates issued for each product by the respective paper mill refer to different regulations (Eu. Reg EC 1935/2004 and EC 2023/2006, German law LFBG and BfR/2009, FDA/2009 U.S. legislation, and the Italian decree MD 21/03/73 as amended and supplemented).

When choosing a paperboard for food use, the country in which the final product is to be delivered should be considered, and so should be the kind of food is to be packed (dry, wet, fat), whether the product comes into contact with the paperboard and with which side of it, and the place the food is to be stored or cooked (fridge, freezer, oven, microwave). Please note that it is your responsibility to use safely and in accordance with the law the chosen paperboard.

pack farmaceutico

The cardboard suitable for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals and cosmetics, is characterized by high specifications and excellent visual appearance.Usually the cardboard is a folding boxboard with either a wooden back (GC2) or a white back (GC1), smooth on the glossy side, and characterized by a high degree of whiteness. Moreover, its high level of performance (in folding, die cutting and scoring) makes it perfect for the process of packing the final product.


pack nonalimentare

This kind of paperboard is used for the production of widely-used consumer packaging products and for the so-called general-packaging. This means that the paperboard is used to make all those products (generally boxes) that need to combine low cost and very good visual appearance. It is used in a very wide range of applications and it is characterized by being completely or almost completely produced through the recycling of waste paper, so without any virgin fiber in it.


pack grafico

To this group belong those products that are characterized by excellent printing properties, a glossy and smooth surface, and high degree of whiteness. This paperboard is suitable for the production of book covers, postcards, brochures, posters, high quality cosmetics packaging, and generally for those products for which a high printability is required. Several types of paperboard belong to this group, produced with either pure pulp, chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp or wooden pulp. Nevertheless, they all present high reliability in the different production processes in which they are involved.


pack ambientale

The paperboard is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or comes from a controlled supply chain. It can be certified PEFC or FSC, depending on what is needed. It can be used for packing any product that requires a particular attention to the environment.

The controlled supply chain ensures that wood products, such as cellulose to make paper and cardboard, come from forests that are environment-friendly managed and not exploited nor to-be-protected. In this regard, the European Parliament has stated equivalence of both PEFC and FSC certification in the resolution A6-0015/2006.