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What is PEFC? What is FSC? Are they the same?

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a voluntary, market-based tool that supports responsible forest management worldwide. FSC certified forest products are verified from the forest of origin through the supply chain. The FSC label ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.

PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) is a certification that provides forest owners and managers – families, communities and companies – with access to the global marketplace for certified products. PEFC sets highest standards for forest certification and sustainable forest management in line with society’s ever evolving understanding and expectations.

The European Parliament considers PEFC and FSC certification systems to be equally suitable to give consumers assurances concerning sustainable forest management, as it is stated within Resoultion nr. A6-0015/2006.

When do PEFC or FSC trademark can be used?

The FSC trademarks offer a guarantee that products come from responsible sources. Only those who have obtained authorization can use the FSC trademarks and all trademarks used must be in compliance with the current trademark standards and guidelines.

The PEFC or FSC logo can be printed on the final product only if all the members of the supply chain (those who own the material through the different steps of its processing) are certified.

The validity of FSC and PEFC certifications can be checked through the official databases, which can be found at (FSC) and (PEFC).

Which FSC/PEFC certified paperboard are available at PAC Service s.p.a.?

All the paperboards available at PAC Service can be certified as PEFC according to what is stocked.

The stocked paperboards that can be certified as FSC are: Performa Bright, Astro Board, Kraftpack. All the paperboards from Korsnas can be ordered as well according to your needs.

The stocked paperboards that can be certified as FSC-Recycled are: 115 vinciliner, 112 vincicoat, 113 vincibright.

You can download the list of FSC and FSC-Recycled products that PAC Service certifies from here.